Thursday, December 01, 2011

Homemade 18" doll apron pattern

This is a photo from Christmas day last year.
I made matching aprons for my daughter's 18" dolls.
My friend asked me if I had a pattern - well I do now.

You can make this from scraps because it only takes a little fabric to make this.

I drew it up today now that I'm getting a little better idea how Adobe Illustrator works.

Click on the apron pattern and then download or it will not be the right side. It's on an 8x10.
Hopefully the photos explain what I didn't on the pattern.

The ribbon across the waist is 12 inches long.  The velcro is 3/4" and cut 3/8" long - so it's short and wide - hope that makes sense.

You can see I attached 3 pieces of ribbon.

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