Thursday, December 29, 2011

Extreme Paper Crafting

This tool is amazing! Maybe you have the old Silhouette.  This is the new Silhouette Cameo.  Uhm, can I just say WOW! It is 12 inches wide. The old one was 8.5 inches wide.  And my husband not only rocks for buying this for me for Christmas but also letting me get lots of extras such as the ultra cool Designer Edition Software.  Why is that so cool?

It's cool because I also have Adobe Photoshop Illustrator.  I can make my very own designs (Illustrator is what gives my designs those smooth edges that don't have any pixels).  Well, making my own designs is cool enough for me but the EXTRA cool thing is that I can turn them into and SVG file and send it to that Designer Software.  Then I can trace it with the click of a button, print it, and then feed it into the cameo and it cuts MY DESIGN out perfectly and quickly. Print and Cut is sooooo cool.

It will also cut out fabric as long as you use the iron-on interfacing.  It even cuts vinyl.  

No, I'm not going into business.  As many of you know, we just shut down Vanderbeek Images after years of photographing weddings and families.  What I am doing are all those projects around the house that I've been wanting to get done.  In fact, I better go because I have a 2010 and 2011 family scrapbook to complete this year, hallway quote to cut and put on the wall, silhouettes of my children to cut from vinyl, magnetic paper dolls to make, and lots of other cool projects.  

Silhouette Cameo - you are Perfect!

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