Sunday, November 06, 2011

It's cold out there

We've had frost on the ground a few mornings lately.  It's about time.  Seriously.  It's November.  

And I finally got my garlic in the ground the end of October. 

I purchased these two bulbs.  The rest are from last year.  Hard neck garlic from somewhere in Eastern Europe but forgive me for not paying attention to the name.  I love the garden store in the fall with its piles of garlic originating from all over the world.   And I love hard neck garlic.  Bigger cloves.  Less work.  Stronger flavor.  

Placed them in the trench.

Covered it all up.
 Moved the trellis and covered the garlic with the 3 little panels I had left over.

And here is the square foot garden from my parents.  I got it spray painted.  I just didn't get more soil.  So much for getting things going and getting that cold frame in place.  I really think I need to add in the rebar but I am not sure how to cut it.  We get a lot of wind. 

 I do have a good excuse as I've not been feeling well.  I usually work through it but this stopped me cold in my tracks.  I'm feeling better now but where am I going to find the mix for my garden this time of year?

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kitsapFG said...

Nice planting of garlic! I am becoming more and more fond of hardnecks too. I planted 3/4 of my garlic patch in a hardneck variety and only 1/4 of it in a softneck variety.