Monday, November 14, 2011

Gardening in the winter

Hah, I so didn't get the rest of the soil for the garden but I did get the rest of the hoops up.  I don't remember the short hoop when I picked it up from my parent's house but I can always remove it.  I also need to add a pinch of white pvc pipe to the top.  

My 5 year old son helped me put it all together.  We had a blast together. 

What boy doesn't like a little dirt? 

And spray paint - I did finish painting the outside.

Maybe I should have added the hoops to this garden instead - it's smaller and it's full.  Hmmm, maybe in the spring.  So, until January when I start my onion seeds, it's no more gardening for me.  However, I will be decorating, oh and cleaning the house.  

My house is so much cleaner and incredibly organized when I can't garden.


Mary Hysong said...

My house is also much much cleaner and more organized when it is too dark and cold outside to garden! Though I can have some gardening in the winter too.

Lynn said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. I haven't tried hoops yet. That is one of the next things I want to try out. Maybe early spring I will get some to try. Good luck to you! :)


thejohnmfamily said...

You are so dedicated--I love it!