Friday, September 09, 2011

A new visitor

Last night a squirrel came to visit.  You have to understand that this is very rare for us.  Once a year usually.  This morning I went downstairs to work on the sleeves of my daughter's RaTangled costume and I heard this squeaking on the window.  I thought it was another vole.  

It was this tiny bunny.  I mean 5 inches from head to cotton tail. There is no way for it to get out of the window well.  It's cement walls are smooth and they are deep and quite large. We get pretty good light for a basement. Mom - doesn't this bunny remind you of Daisy?

I took a few photos and then donned my garden gloves and picked him up.  It's feet were moving speedy fast as I quickly put it in this paper bag.  Then I carted it up from the basement. This is a regular brown paper bag from the grocery store - see what I mean?  TINY!

Then I tipped the bag on its side and after a minute of coaxing it hopped out.
 And ran to the rock wall to hide.  Cute little cotton tail.  
And that was it.  Hopefully it doesn't find its way back into the window well again.  

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