Thursday, August 04, 2011

Green Beans

I love green beans but this year they are off to a slow start.  I thought I'd take a few photos however because they are pretty. I have 5 rows of Jade bush beans. This year I actually had my health in June so I thinned them to the 3 inches apart.  Much better.  The stems are so much stronger.  They are super tender and meaty.  I don't like the beans that end up being almost hallow.  You have to get to the bulk seed shop early to get these because they go fast. 
I also found out when planting these that you have to be careful when putting the soil on top of the seeds.  Make sure the soil isn't wet and clumpy.  Freshly tilled soil works best.  Just toss it on top of the seeds and make sure they are covered an inch to inch and a half.  Don't step on the soil or even press down on it.  The lighter it is the better.  Successful sprouting will happen if you leave the soil loose and friable. 

You can see they are all kinds of tall and short.  I had to replant the far left row.  Oh and I don't know if you can see the drip line on the far right.  I ripped out the spinach and planted two more rows of beans there.  They are already up since taking the photo and blogging about it. You can click on the photo to see it larger.
Usually I pick them small and freeze them - then saute with minced garlic.  My daughter does not like them that way at all. And they don't always turn out great.  So we tried canning them last year.  Ahhh, much better.  We ALL liked them better that way. I'm really hoping for more than 6 quarts this year.


rmgales said...

Your garden looks great. My peppers are coming along nicely too. I have tons of basil and dill. I need to find your recipes. I did companion planting, not thinking about what I would do with the basil and dill once it produced, lol. I'll dice the sweet peppers for chili and spaghetti sauce. How do you use yours?

rmgales said...

While you have a nice patch of beans there. Mine are moving slowly. I had to replant 4 times, the groundhogs ate them down to the grown each time I planted. I wish I had planted more. There's always next year.

rmgales said...

I purchased the Ball Elite Water Bath Canner. I may pick up the Presto Pressure Canner this week-end, which was my initial thought. I have a Kenmore Pro, the manufacturer said I could use the canner as long as it was at least an inch wider than the burner. What kind of glasstop do you have? Do the greenbeans you freeze turn out okay? I want to make baby food and use them in soup and greenbeans & corn.