Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting the garlic ready

I got out my tray of garlic the other day and starting going through them to pick out the cloves to plant this October.  I probably only pulled apart 1/3 of my bulbs.  I saved the smaller cloves for cooking and kept most of the larger cloves for planting.  Last year I think I had to break apart 90% of my bulbs. Last year I planted 80 and this year I have 100.  I could always do more but I think that will be more sufficient for my little family.  Besides I need enough left over for spicing up my food this winter.

I guess these are called bulbils (below).  If you want your hard neck garlic bulbs to get bigger you can snip these off when they are little.  Or if you want to try growing garlic from bulbils (I guess it takes a few years this way) then you can let them grow. You have to let them get to the point where they are just bursting out.  My bulbs were just fine and now I have both.  We'll see what happens.  

Of course I found out that the deer have rubbed their stupid antlers on my new trees.  I really hope all the bow hunters driving around these parts on their four wheelers get those four big six points very soon.  

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Thomas said...

Great idea! I'll have to follow your lead. It's crazy to think we'll be planting garlic in less than two months. Where did this year go?