Friday, July 01, 2011

Time Saver

So I have things that I use to make my life easier.  This is all part of fatigue management.  I love gardening and it's been a huge help with healing from cancer treatment.  It all distracts me during check up times.  And I love eating fresh veggies.  I eat more when I garden.  That's a good thing. My kids have turned into pro gardeners too.  If at first they don't want to help, don't push too much. It may take a few years but they'll come around.  And don't be afraid to use time savers.  

This time, by Orbit (out of salt lake city utah) is super handy.  It has an automatic side and a manual side.   This allows me to fill up my watering can when I need to mix organic fertilizers, etc.  One of these days I'd like to get a hose that is shorter but this'll do for now.  I attach the hose to the time and then to the drip line system that consists of PVC pipe and drip line.  We live in the high desert and it gets hot in the summer with almost no rain or humidity.  And we are on a well.  I don't want to use the pump all day.  

You can see here how the PVC pipe runs all along the south side of the garden.

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