Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gardening update

This is how it's looking as of Friday.  Love it and grateful for it.

Yellow columbine.  It's the biggest I've ever seen and blooming more than ever.  Must be a good year for columbine.

Corn and a little sunset.  I love silhouettes.

Day lily with some red in the center.  Very pretty.  I like the vivid reds, purples, and multicolor varieties. I purchased red and purple day lilies this year from Springhill Nursery on their 80% off sale for $1.60 each.  Can't beat that.  You can sign up for their email discounts.  Some plants I can get here for less.  So watch for the big sales.

I originally bought purple and pink.  Now there are 4 shades.  Guess they mixed but I like it.  It's a weird little plant though.  It likes to re-seed to grow.  Sometimes it grows from last year's plant.  Not always.

I love clematis.  I am trying to get several different types because some grow on old growth and some grow on new growth.  Some grow fast and tall and some stay short and wide.  It's a great vine and It's covering this terrible looking rain spout.  Now I just need a 10x10 foot trellis for the center of this wall and we're set.

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Mindy Blake said...

Your garden is beautiful!