Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garden photo update

My garden is feeling a little behind.  Last year my peas were twice as tall.  I can tell because of the trellis.  
My peas are just starting to blossom.  I've got oregon sugar pods this year and I can hardly wait to eat them.

The panels are 4 feet tall and 16 feet long. I love cutting these panels into just the size I need for say, trellising cucumbers.  This way I can put them closer together and keep them from taking over each other and the rest of the garden.  I especially love the lemon cucumbers.  They are not bitter and add a little Marukan rice vinegar (gluten free!) and I'm in heaven.

Cattle Panels or wire panels are made from galvanized steel and don't rust.  A friend at church cuts them and makes them into really great tomato cages.

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rmgales said...

Loving your cow panel. I hope it becomes covered with lots of peas for your eating pleasure. I'm picturing a cow panel in my garden next year covered with lots of pole bean, lol.