Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day in Park City

We wanted to make this trip for memorial weekend but felt like we should wait for Father's day instead.  So glad  we did because our home would have burned down because of a faulty switch in our fridge that led to some cooked food on the top two shelves. Fridge has been fixed and Sears payed for it.  It all worked out and it was wonderful.
 Ten Things that made me laugh while we were in Park City.
1. My daughter's laughter on the Alpine Slide with daddy and her blood curdling screams on the Alpine Coaster with me.
2. The look on our faces when the host opened the door to our upgrade room - from a 2 queen bedroom with a kitchenette to a two bedroom suite, 2 bathrooms, 1 powder room, full kitchen, and two porches.
3. My son standing in water up to his knees in the wading pool and sticking his face in the water to test out his new green TYR googles.
4. The fact that my husband can't go anywhere without bumping into someone from our valley that he knows.  Tyler had the privilege of saying the opening prayer during the Visitor's Sacrament Meeting in the Park City Chapel.
5. The ski lift operator that looked just like my friend B. from Vancouver BC.  In the 30 seconds I was there I actually looked around for Sarah McLachlan t-shirts.
6. My kids jumping on the trampoline training set up.  My daughter did two back flips and my son did a dozen forward flips.  Their smiles made me smile.
7. The poor lady freaking out on the payday lift as she and her companion rode back down to the base - she was scared to death. She even complimented our children for being brave.
8.The wedding guests in front of  us in line at the alpine slide were in short frilly dresses.  They thought that wrapping a sweater around their legs was a good way to remain modest.  And the boyfriends that took off so they could arrive at the base first.
9. The $575,000 half acre lot for sale in Deer Valley.  Great View but wow!
10. The four young business men who looked like they had just stepped out of an issue of Esquire magazine who were racing each other down the alpine slide.  I'm glad they chose that over the coaster.  They would have damaged their expensive suits. 

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Jalane said...

Loved reading that! What a fun little getaway, I love Park City. I need to remember those little things that really make it fun and that you want to remember-I might do this next trip we take :) Love the pictures, especially the last one-beautiful Laura!!