Sunday, May 29, 2011

Norway Maple - photograph

This is a Crimson King Norway Maple I purchased at Anderson Seed and Garden.  It has dark purple leaves all summer.  I love it and need to buy 3 more for the front yard.  It's doing much better than my fruit trees and doesn't drop all those blossoms and pollen like other maples around here do.  
 Have you ever photographed through leaves? You could probably do this any time of day as long as there is sun.  This was taken at 6:59 p.m. the same evening as the photos I've shown you the past few days. I love how seeing the veins adds interest and texture to the photo. And notice the composition.  The 'focal' leaf in this second photo is in the left third, not the center of the photo.

Gotta get a little lens flair.  I remember when this was taboo. Now it's trendy.  7:00 p.m. photo.  You can see how close the sun is to disappearing in the background.

And here it is at 7:15.  I love silhouettes. But as you can see the brilliant color is gone and that color is why I love this maple.  This time the leaves are in the upper third and the mountains in the lower third.

Every photo is straight out of the camera.  No photoshopping done at all. If I did anything at all I would have changed the intensity of the blue in the sky but that's about all. What is your favorite tree and have you taken any photos of it lately? 

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