Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday little Monkey!

My little boy recently had a birthday.  This birthday is a big milestone for both of us.  We are both blessed to be here.  You see, I was full of cancer when he was born.  To give you an idea, a large tumor is the size of a quarter.  My tumor was almost 14 inches long and 3 inches wide.  It's been 5 years.  He had his "Well Child" check up and he has the green light for school.  It's all very exciting.  One more kindergarten prep class and he'll be ready to go.  

My son helped me design the monkey on his invitations.  We then made Pin the Banana on the Monkey and also wall decor. Oh and we can't forget the masks.  Every child went home with a mask and a balloon.  
 The day before his party we found this cute monkey balloon at the grocery store.

And I made the cake.  Really it's off balance and I piped on the icing with a plastic bag because I'm too cheap to buy the real stuff that I know I would rarely use.  But decorating like this and making the cake for my child's birthday was a dream come true.  And I finally had the energy to do it. 

We even drew and cut out the monkeys for the cups. We served banana shakes in the cups.  My Dad loved the shakes! He kept commenting about how well everything was going which made me relax because I felt like the pizza was late and I was making a mess.  

You can see the masks on the wall waiting to be chosen by a lucky preschooler.

Here's a cousin taking his turn at pin the banana on the monkey. We liked it so much my husband suggested we laminate it.

 This balloon is almost as big as my son.

Grandma and Grandpa P drove up.

And Grandma V walked over.

I love this photo with my sweet boy.  He cuddled up on me at the Dr.'s office today - no shots - he finished them last year.  He was so happy about that. He got to hop around and share his coordination.  He has 20/20 vision.  We are truly blessed.

Brother and Sister 

And Daddy!

We had a room full of preschoolers but I decided to honor their privacy and not share those photos.  We did take a photo of my son with each friend and each gift so we'll be using those as Thank You cards.


Mindy Blake said...

What a fun party! You did a great job and it is so good to see you both in good health!

Jenn said...

I like this family post. happy Birthday Monkey boy! It is good to see you and Tyler in the pictuers! And I really enojoyed seeing Grandma V too, please tell her I say hello!