Thursday, February 10, 2011

BUSTED - at 4:00 a.m.

At 4 this morning we heard this crash and busting glass.  WHAT? About a week ago an owl hit out bedroom window and woke us up so I'm thinking that we probably had a wild animal crash through a basement window.  Tyler grabbed his hand gun and we carefully searched the house. No broken windows anywhere.  Then we looked in the bathrooms.  The last one, the bathroom my children use, was filled with glass. The main light was missing something - the glass cover and the post that is supposed to hold it in place came loose, fell 9 feet,  and exploded all over the floor.  

We were pretty stunned.  How in the world?  I checked it and the threads are still good.  It just wasn't in securely enough at the top.  Our house is only 4 years old so all the fixtures are new and were professionally installed.  Even though I couldn't go back to sleep I am really grateful this didn't happen during the day.  One of my children could have been seriously injured. 

I've already vacuumed as much as possible.  Just need to mop, dry the rug, and check all the other light 
fixtures in the house. This is probably such a rare thing but might I suggest that you also check all your lighting fixtures too. 


Trishelle said...

Totally scary!! I hope you get better, uninterrupted sleep tonight!

Mindy Blake said...

Glad it was at night too and not another wild animal!