Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tree details - up close

I know you're sick of it but I LOVE my new lens! And the color lights on the tree this year.

I was telling my husband recently that when I was little - like 5 or 6 - I used to think that the decorations on the tree would come to life after we went to sleep - it was a party tree for sure.  That's why I love the cartoon when Mickey cuts down the tree with the chipmunks in it.  Anyway, I thought if I stayed by the tree and was still enough, they'd think I was asleep and I would be able to see them move.  Funny the things we remember from way back when.  It's been almost 30 years since I last thought about this. 

So which branch would you like to be on? I'd like one near the bottom because it's bigger.  More decoration friends could visit. Or would you like one at the top for a better view?  

Of course now I like my view because I get to look at the tree, not from the tree out.


Seth, Ash, and Arailia Hendrickson said...

your so cute! I love reading your blog! FRom watching toy story when I was little I thought toys would come to life too!

Jalane said...

I always thought my stuffed animals and dolls came to life too! I am loving all your posts. Hope your feeling good and hope you are feeling good for Christmas :)