Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Corvette - a love story

When my parent's were dating my dad owned a corvette.  It was deep yellow and it was a stingray.  If I remember right, it was a 1971.  My dad loved my mom so much that he sold that yellow corvette and bought a little yellow pinto so they could afford to get married. 

Fast forward about 37 years. 

My parent's had taken their dog for a walk on the air force base.  They have a cool doggy park I guess and since my dad is retired military they still get to enjoy all the privileges. 

My mom wanted to go to the Lemon Lot ( a place where deploying soldiers stick their cars up for sale for a tiny cost). 

Welcome home to the new baby! I think it's a '98 and in fabulous condition.

And my dad wasn't going to buy it.  My mom bought it for him.   

I just think it's a heart warming story of love and sacrifice. 

And of course we (as in Tyler and I) got to go for a ride.  My parent's drove up one Saturday to show us their new car without telling us what it was.  Super fun!
And because my Dad wanted me to take some photos of it for him. Makes me laugh since he owns a great camera but he knows I love details and odd angles so this was fun for me.  Love ya Dad.  So glad you are enjoying your new car!

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Jalane said...

I love that story :) It looks Brand spankin new! Good for him :)