Saturday, November 06, 2010

Project Update

So my sister gave my daughter this really cute shelf about 7 years ago for Christmas. She had painted it the exact red to match the accents in her room.  The only problem is that we changed everything when we moved.  We went with lighter colors.  Mostly the pink, green, and white.  My daughter helped me paint the shelf white.  It took about 4 coats. I was worried about the white on white look but I actually love how it turned out. 
Then my daughter and I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out mismatched but color coordinating drawer pulls. I should say, I let her pick them all out.  I would have gone with 3 matching knobs but she liked all the knobs in this color range.  I think she was right.  It adds and element of fun to the project.

To be honest I think I use the drill more than my husband but I don't dare use the rest of the power tools except for the sanding mouse I purchased for working with small crafty stuff.  After I removed the hardware from the back of the shelf I hit the old knobs with the drill to knock them off.

They came the way you see on the left but I switch the brass piece around so that is would face the shelf and cover that large unpainted area where the old knobs once were. Then I attached everything to the back of the shelf. They were a little long and so my husband cut them off with the hack saw so they are flush with the back of the shelf.

You can see it a little closer here.

And my favorite.  Except now it holds her winter coat and backpack.
But that was the purpose.  Luckily it is behind her door.  I don't like stuff to be out like that usually.  If her door is closed she can see this cute shelf she helped me update even if her coat and backpack are there. After all, I want her to be happy and she is VERY happy about this shelf.

Now to update those cute deep set frames that Krysta's husband made for me a few years ago as trade for their family photos. And I have just the thing - or rather 3 things to add in.

I forgot to mention that now that I'm not taking my allergy medicine daily I am at risk for migraines.  Feel free to offer a pray for me that those don't return.  I used to get 2 to 4 a week.  But I have been way more motivated since.  I cleaned out from under the kitchen sink, the laundry room sink, and re-organized all the cabinets in my laundry room.  I need to replace my king size comforter (no more feathers). Any suggestions? I'll  have to post a photo of what my bed looks like but it's huge and painted black. My walls are a brown grey. 

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Jalane said...

That is darling! Im with you I would have wanted all the knobs to match, but I like it better not! Thats good you let her shoose herself, thats always hard for me :) And I hate coats and back packs hanging around too but what a cute idea!