Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hope your Halloween is a happy one.  Here we celebrate Halloween on Saturday if it happens to fall on Sunday. I mean it's a state wide thing. Seriously. So we did all of our partying yesterday.  We went to the Mall to get my son a new winter coat. They were handing out candy there. We went to Home Depot to look for a new freezer - they had a scavenger hunt there.  Then we went to Aunt K*s house and rode on Grandpa and Grandma's homemade train behind their 4-wheeler.  They rescued us from the downpour and we visited with the neighbors.  My nephew K sat with me both times in the train. 

Of course, back on the 27th we woke up to snow. Let's just say we were all very excited about that!

And my kiddos made their mark in it. I stayed on the dry sidewalk.

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