Monday, August 02, 2010

Summer Camping and Wild Flowers

We recently went for a ride up in the mountains and did some camping.  We weren't in a designated camping spot so we brought up the camp stove and curled up in our sleeping bags and watched Back to the Future III with our kids. The scenery was breathtaking!
Starting with these - right next to our campsite.

another view

And then this:

My daughter photographed these up close.
and these pink flowers too:

These were right next to the snow:

Yep, we had a snowball fight in the middle of July.

And these were just down the hill from the snow.

This is what we saw on our way back down the mountain on our way back to our tent.
Lots and lots of Dust!

And a beautiful moonrise!


Love2Short said...

Sweet pics! Haven't seen them all yet. Thanks for posting.

Tiffany W said...

Once again, your pictures are fantastic! I love to see the difference in the photography between the two of you, yet you compliment each other so well! Talented talented! I love it! Hugs!