Thursday, August 12, 2010


I guess canning is the hot new thing for domestic divas to conquer.  Hmm ... well it's just a coincidence that I got this. I started canning peached for my husband last year.
I had to take a photo of it shiny and new!


Marne said...

I don't want to burst your bubble, but steam canning isn't recommended. Here is what the USU Extension Office has to say about it:

But you can have good success with it, especially with fruit. Good luck! I love homecanned peaches.

Mindy Blake said...

You are my hero!

Vanderbeeks Images said...

I only plan to use it for peaches. I'm getting a pressure cooker canner for tomatoes and green beans.

Kellogg said...

Stem canning is a fabulous time saver and I only can peaches and pears so I am always a fan! For someone with actual diagnosed low energy you are amazing!