Tuesday, July 13, 2010

wheat free chicken pot pie - a success story!

First of all, sorry about the use of flash - there is a serious lack of natural light in my kitchen.  This dish took a while to make.  It was so yummy.  So worth it. I haven't had pot pie in over 3 years. I think I can say this is an official addition to the wheat-free dinner list!


Jalane said...

That looks exactly like the pot pie I make except I havent tried the wheat crust. YUM looks sooo good! I take the easy way out and use the pillsbury pie crust ;P

Love2Short said...

Was really great by the way!!! Thanks for trying new things and being so awesome!!!

Love ya!

Mindy Blake said...

Yummy! You are quite the homemaker, gardner, mother, wife, photographer...you never cease to amaze me!