Monday, July 12, 2010

How are you staying cool?

This was so popular with the kiddos last year that they still had all of their treasures saved.  So I talked them into doing it again this summer.  It takes 4 days for 4 layers.  I even added a few coins this time around.  The neighbor boys came over and helped.  They had so much fun pretending the shells were fossils or buried treasure.  The list goes on and on.  I think if Grandma is willing to get out her super slide, I'm going to borrow the kiddy pool and dump in 10 bags of ice and time the kids to see how many ice cubes they can get out with their toes in 2 minutes.  I've been aching to try that one.  

Make sure you use old toothbrushes and it's a good idea to run them through the dishwasher first.  

And have some icy fun this summer!

Photogs: Don't forget to get a close-up of the action as well as the people.  

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