Monday, June 14, 2010

busy ... as usual

I have plenty of photos to post.  We've been busy.  I will get them up before the end of the week, I promise.  I've also been having internet problems.  Hopefully my online chat tomorrow will work.  We've replaced my router (thanks Tyler!).  My internet is really slow and hopefully the tech will figure it out on Thursday.  I can't even email the posters for the Figure Skating National Championships that I've done.  Ugh.  And no photos on my blog until this gets fixed.  Sorry - boring -  I KNOW!

I've also been busy trying to get the rest of my garden in.

Last week I planted the corn and it's sprouted already.

I transplanted 6 bell pepper plants and 3 jalapenos plants into my veggie garden.

I now have 12 tomato plants in my garden with plenty more I could plant (or give away). I only have 15 cages so I think I'm going to take some to the widow down the street. I always grow a few for her each year anyway.

Today I also planted the green bean seeds I purchased at Anderson's, cross my fingers the seeds don't rot this year but it should be dry enough now (I hope).

My mother in law also wanted to trim back some of her shade plants but I asked if I could have them instead.  They have gorgeous blue leaves and purple/pink flowers.  I have the florescent green version with purple flowers - which I'm not sure I like.

Tomorrow (as in June 15th) I have my LIVE online chat at ReneeTV and if my internet still stinks, I might have to drive to my husband's office and use his internet (comcast - it's screaming fast!). Join me at 3pm and 10 pm Eastern tomorrow at ReneeTV! I'll even answer your photoshop or photoshop elements questions by sharing my screen live - it'll be like looking over my shoulder!

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Jalane said...

That post was boring with no pictures ;P LOL im kidding :) Im glad you updated! Cant wait for when you do post pictures. Your garden looks amazing and well I think your amazing!