Wednesday, May 05, 2010


It took me a little while to learn to read, but when I did I fell in love with it.  I've read every Nancy Drew and Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys super mysteries ever written.  Did you know there are two version of the very first Nancy Drew book? I think it's The Mystery of the Old Clock or something like that.  It's been a while.  Anyway, my mom had all of these old books in this photo and I loved the mysteries the best.

The first book I ever read on my own is in this stack.

Henry and the Clubhouse.

What's your favorite book?

By the time I was 13 I decided I wanted to write for a magazine someday.  Well, that wish came true with Digital Scrapbooking Magazine.  I was the photography editor back when it was owned by April Anderton.

 I don't have TV although we do rent movies now and then.  I really hate books on self improvement.  I probably don't read enough just for fun books.  I'm reading The Promised Messiah right now.  It will take me at least until Christmas to finish that one - it's not light reading at all.

What's the last book you finished?

For me it was Christ and the New Covenant by Jeffery R. Holland. And before that it was one of the Twilight series books.

I have been diligent to read with my children.  It's showing - finally - my daughter's reading level has improved so much. She's definitely off to a better start than I was.

Who knows where her love of reading will take her...

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