Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day

Last year I didn't ask for a thing. In fact I asked my family to just save the money and I was serious.  

This year I finally knew what I wanted - a $10 watering can. It's a 2 gallon powder coated bright orange metal watering can.  It's truly the watering can of my dreams.  That's 3 fewer trips up the hill with a half gallon version.  And it's still something I can handle carrying.  No, I don't water my half acre by hand.  I use this to apply fertilizer and root stimulator for trees and bushes that I recently planted. 

 And I also wanted a printed version of my 2008 scrapbook.  I love shutterfly and my 12x12 scrapbooks.  Where else can a person get 60 some odd pages printed for such a great price - of course I couldn't argue with the 50% coupon I received via email.

And the last thing I asked for was a homemade card from my children.

I'm in Mother's Day heaven.  I felt totally spoiled this year.  My husband went out of his way to grant my simple requests - that watering can wasn't easy to find.  I felt loved most of all and that's really what a mother wants to feel in return.

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Love2Short said...

You have such a wonderful family and awesome husband!!!