Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Garden Therapy

Today I have my post cancer check up.  They are every 6 months now.  
It's a LOVE/HATE thing for sure!
I spent 10 minutes in my garden this morning and if I can catch up with my primary presidency (children's organization at church) stuff I'll go back out!

Warning: all of the photos were taken with my crappy iphone camera.

So far I have transplanted the lettuce and all of my onion starts (red and green bunching onion) finally. I transplanted my dutch round cabbage (9) and kohlrabi (3) back in April.  The cool thing about the red onions is that one of my onion plants went directly to seed last year and so they are grown from those seeds.  The bad part is that most of the seeds sprouted but like 90% of them died.  So I still had to buy a one bunch at the garden center along with a bunch of Big Daddy yellow onions and a bunch of Walla Wallas.  That means I have like 120 onions not counting the green bunching onions.

What you see here are my plants getting some sun or hardening off.  I am getting them used to the sun.  I started out with 2 hours the first day. They are out most of the day now. At night they are on my bedroom floor.  I know my husband is ready to see these in the ground!

My daughter wanted Zinnias for her project this year.  Last year it was pumpkins.  So we planted the Zinnias in the smaller jiffy pots and fit 32 in a flat.  4 didn't take so I have replanted them and we'll see if they are ready in time for a mid June planting.  I have 9 jalapenos planted and 6 bell peppers.  I also have 21 tomatoes started.  Some are romas, some DX52s, and some early girls.  Oh and my son wanted to start one jack-be-little pumpkin vine which should sprout soon.

My  flox is looking nice.  Last year I took some starts from these and planted them elsewhere.  Looks like I'll be able to try some more this year.  And the tulips divided like crazy so it's time to move some of them too.  I'll wait until the blooms are gone on all of these before I start digging around them.
Here you can see my garlic plants in the northwest corner of my garden.  You have to plant garlic in the fall.  After my neighbor plowed my plot for me I planted the garlic in this corner.  I counted today and there are 15 potato plants that have sprouted - much faster than last year! Next to the row of green bunching onions I planted carrots but I only see one sprout so far.

And here's my peas.  I waited until I got back from Minnesota and stuck these in the ground.  They are very hardy and like the cooler weather.  On the left half-row I planted my spinach right next to it. I discovered by accident last year that if I plant my spinach behind my peas it shades it from the harsher evening sun.  I had spinach growing perfectly through July without it bolting.  And the guy at the garden center said to replant it the first week in August for a fall crop. (Right after I rip all of the pea plants out!) Yum! I can't wait.  The spinach is a flat leaf called Correnta and the peas are Early Grey (a sugar snap I guess) and the other half-row on the right is my favorite, Snow Pea!


Mindy Blake said...

Wow-you continue to amaze me! Hope your check went well. I actually just had one too! So how do you keep all of your onions throughout the winter?

Marne said...