Monday, April 12, 2010

Sewing Projects

Do you feel like a jack of all trade and master of none? I certainly do.  I dabble in a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  My attention span isn't great. Maybe that comes from moving so much as a kid, thanks to the US Army. Who knows? But whatever it is, I have to keep moving from one thing to another or I get bored.

No, this is not the baptism dress I spoke of. You'll just have to wait until after my daughter's baptism day to see it.  But this was a fast and easy project.  The fabric comes with the elastic already sewn into it.  I just had to sew down the back.

Then I used some of the excess fabric to make straps. My daughter's tiny fingers were perfect for flipping the straps right side out for me after I sewed the first seam.  

And here is the finished product.  I even found a cute black and white pattern for me.  I sewed the seem into the back but it's too big and I haven't had time to take another 4 inches out of it.  But it's cute, summery, and inexpensive. If you sign up for JoAnn's newsletters you'll get coupons.  So 40 or 50% off 35 cents and inch was nothing - about $5 for my daughter's dress. It was 45 cent and inch for mine and it's much longer.

Now I just need to find a nice white t-shirt for her to wear underneath and then I can wrap the whole thing up for her birthday party. I'll post a photo of mine when it's done!


Krysta said...

Very cute! She is going to look adorable in it.

Marne said...

Very Cute! A green tshirt or even pink or red would go too. I love versatility!