Saturday, January 16, 2010


I am alive... I know some of you were wondering. I had a photography client call me for a disc for photos from 4 years ago and she was surprised I answered the phone.  I think she thought, at first, that I had passed away and must have been Tyler's new wife so she asked how I was feeling these days in a way that made it sound like she wasn't sure who she was talking to.  And I gladly told her I was in remission.

Anyway, life is busy crazy these days.  But when we help others we often get that little boost and ability to complete all that is before us. Sometimes friends ask us for help, and by helping, we are in turn receiving help.

That's how this project happened.  I have a friend, a mission companion.  In fact, we were companions twice.  And she is in charge of the Adoption Academy this weekend where she lives.  When she thought of what to put on the cover, she asked me immediately.  I was very busy but said yes.  In fact, I had a booth at a bridal fair today (the same day as the academy) and since it was our first bridal fair since who knows when, we had to make a lot of preparations.  So on the way back from getting my hair (it had been 5 months - yikes) and nails done I snapped a photo of this tree that I thought would fit her vision for the cover of the binders for the adoptive parents.  And then I added the quote she had picked out.  And then my heart was filled with comfort.  That quote was just what I needed. Things will work out for us too ...  we booked one wedding that I am really looking forward to. Hopefully more will come soon!

Now if we could get some clean air and see the sun again, I'd breath a lot easier! that's not fog behind that tree, it's a nasty thing called inversion or smog - thanks to cows and car exhaust apparently.


Kristie said...

Hi Laura, I'm so glad that life is going well for you these days. I remember when you were moving into your new house and we chatted about it. I can't believe it's been that long. I've really been doing a lot of photogrpahy lately and trying to get back into digital scrapbooking! Kids are all growing up! My oldest will graduate high school and my baby connor is in 4th grade! would love to hear from you again! Take care. Hugs,

Kristie Wickland -

Trishelle said...

Inversion or not, that is a beautiful picture! The quote is also really beautiful too. I'm also grateful that you are doing well. So many of us love and care about you and have prayed so hard for your wellness.

We are blessed by the impact you have made and the example you are!