Monday, December 07, 2009

25 photos 'til Christmas - Day 7

Ok, so today I shared 3 - one just wasn't enough for this huge decorative piece. And you know, I've never bothered to measure this thing. Maybe I should. Probably 16ft or so? Regardless it cost me about $2 in wire and then I added some left over ribbon and snow flakes. Gather the newest looking pine cones. If they are not on your property - please ask permission first - your neighbor may bless your name forever for being so kind as to clean up the pine cone mess.
Now you'll need to get rid of the bugs. Line your cookie sheets with aluminum foil and bake a single layer of pine cones for 45 to 60 minutes at 200 degrees in your oven. Let them cool while you are baking the next set. Then put them in a plastic bin and get out the wire. Make sure you leave nice big loops of wire at the ends for hanging.
I used 24 gauge wire or 20 gauge in green. I did this last year so I am not quite clear on everything. (chemo brain) I do remember this: wear gloves! Those nice leather yet feminine gardening gloves work wonders - unless you don't mind your hands being cut to ribbons. And I also kept a pair of needle nose pliers around for tricky spots.
I added the snowflakes this year. I think I need to get some gold glitter spray and go over them a few times. They are just too white against the pine cones. Do you make your own holiday decorations? I'd love to see them. Leave your link under the comments so I can make sure to take a peak.

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