Thursday, December 24, 2009

25 photos 'til Christmas - Day 24

Christmas Eve

We were told that Christmas Eve at Temple Square is pretty slow. Uhm, maybe BEFORE the lights come on.  Anyway, we ran down to Temple Square to enjoy the lights and the many Nativity scenes.  Then we headed back to my parent's house and loaded up the car and got a quick bite to eat.  My Dad got off work (we were worried because we heard a helicopter fly over about the time he should have been leaving the hospital - guess the other pilot got there on time).  We arrived home to a chilly 14 degrees.  We baked cookies, went through our nightly routine, and got the kids in bed.  We talked with my parents for a while and then placed all of the gifts under the tree.  Most of the presents were from my parents this year, the rest from Great Grandpa and Grandma.  The best gift for me was the magic of the lights, spending time with my family, and giving gifts that I made.  That night my husband and I could hardly sleep we were so excited to see our children and their reaction the next morning.

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