Sunday, December 13, 2009

25 photos 'til Christmas - Day 13

I've lived in Alaska and enjoyed each wonderful snowy Christmas. I've lived in Central America and while there my mom and I went caroling in shorts and t-shirts on horseback. I lived in the Southern United States too. But nothing says Christmas to me like a White Christmas. I grew up watching that movie and my sister gave me the DVD right after my husband and I got married. I've watched it every year since. I LOVE the snow. I love wet heavy snowman making snow. For me, one of the best Christmas decorations is snow. Besides, it hides our lack of landscaping.

And so while my husband was shoveling away, the kids and I got started. Of course my husband helped roll the middle and put it in place. The eyes are made from my daughter's rock collection. And I dug the button and mouth rocks out of the garden path. The carrot is from my garden too. It was split down the side and so I had thrown it in a pile in the garage awaiting the mulch pile.
Our snowman will greet you as you make your way up our steep and icy driveway. Hopefully you can drive by near dusk when there is still enough light to see him and the Christmas lights are on. We hope to make a whole family of snow people but we'll see if our schedule and weather permit.
And I also realized that I forgot to tell you about the train below. It's my son's geotrax RC train. It has snow caked along the sides. And this is also the first time we've had a train around the tree. I enjoy it way more than I thought I would. We took some of the basic trax pieces and encircled our tree. If you don't have a train under the tree, let me recommend it. It's been very fun!

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Mindy Blake said...

Cute little family Laura, and the snowman is cute too!