Sunday, October 11, 2009

busy, busy

last week was insane, but it really got out of control on Thursday. I felt like I should make a big meal. I spent most of the day cooking. At 5:30 my parents showed up. We ate and talked. My Dad's poor foot! He had surgery to attach the tendons back into the instep of his foot. He has wrist problems, so crutches are the worst! It's hard to see a parent suffering.

Then we heard the door bell again and it was our friend Stephen Abu (from Ghana) and his friend (from Nigeria). Stephen was here from Ghana to translate for Saturday General Conference. We enjoyed a movie together after we got my Dad downstairs and his foot elevated. My parents drove home after the movie and Stephen and his friend each took one of our guest rooms.

Early the next morning I got Haeley ready for school and served everyone breakfast. I ran the kids to the bus stop. Then we helped Stephen pick out a camera for his wife for Christmas via the internet. He and his friend then drove up to Smithfield to do some fund raising. Then Tyler met them in town to help Stephen purchase the camera, memory cards, and filters.

That afternoon Tyler came home early from work and we headed to Centerville to drop off photos to a client who was unable to come up and pick up her large order and who was having a baptism in the family the next day. Then we went to see my parents again. I've been really worried about my Dad. It was great to see all the young men come over and help him and chat with him. He is Young Men's President in his ward - over the 12-18 year old boys. In fact, he hurt his foot/ankle on a scout hiking trip with some of his young men. He didn't want them to have to carry him out, so he said a prayer and walked 6 more miles that way. We got back late Friday night.

Saturday morning was practice for the Primary Program. Then we cleaned house and made dinner and dessert. Afterward we took some time together as just our family - that's when we went on the train rides. Then it was off to bed. Actually Coleton was asleep before we got home.

Today we had the Primary program. I got to church around 8:30 am and got the seats reserved up front, got the rolls in the classrooms, put up the classroom signs. I've been working on family history and Christmas presents all afternoon. This next week isn't going to slow down either. I have Primary Meetings, Stake Primary Meetings, PTA meetings, photo sessions, etc.

Hope you enjoy the upcoming week

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