Sunday, September 06, 2009

Camping - a first this year

We normally spend our summer weekends up in the hills. Well, not this year. It's just been non-stop. Tyler and I added up the miles spent traveling (and this does not include errands, driving to work, etc). We are each up around the 6,000 mile mark often traveling apart from each other! That's a lot of time spent in the car for each of us. Anyway, we finally made camping a priority. Haeley spent a lot of time drawing camping pictures while in the Jeep. We took a few minutes to get photos of us together as a family and then it was time for tin foil dinners and roasting marshmallows over the fire. Then I let Haeley take a few photos. I love handing her the camera. Even better? Sorting through to find the treasures of her work. We really had fun and CJ slept through the entire night - a first! Maybe we can do this again...

Thank goodness for timers! We celebrated 10 years of marriage in August. What wonderful blessings have come to us through being together. My husband and my children make me a better person.

Campfire - perfect for tinfoil dinners and roasting marshmallows

I love quaking aspen trees.

Photo of berries by Haeley

That sleeping bag is almost as big as he is. I wish I had a video of his face when I rescued him from it. Pure relief. Hilarious!

Photo by Haeley of her brother

My sweetie!

I stayed to keep the campfire attended while they went for a walk. I love photos of people going places.

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