Thursday, October 30, 2008


We carved pumpkins for Family Home Evening this week. The kids had a blast and we've been lighting candles inside them every night since. Hk drew the face on her little one and I went through all of the yuck and got the seeds out. We roasted them too. I found out recently that sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds can be used as a substitute for nuts (I have a bad walnut, almond, pecan, peanut, etc. allergy). We'll see how it goes. I prefer sunflower seeds. Hk is excited to take a few of the seeds to school to share. The large pumpkin is one we grew in our garden this year. I don't think we are going to grow Giants next year.

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Misty said...

i feel kinda lame - but we didn't even carve pumpkins this year!