Sunday, October 19, 2008

busy, busy, busy

I'll keep this short. We are busy. It's been non-stop family photo sessions for over 3 weeks now, plus there was a wedding to photograph and a 60 page album to design, oh and that bridal showcase I went to as a vendor all day yesterday and handed out plenty of brochures and told them all about the flush mount albums and their sturdiness as well as the ultra cool mini albums that are duplicates of the large 10x10 album that we have. There was also the micro fiber photo purses we had on display and the radio lady was talking to me about showcasing that at the Garden Show in March - "sell them for mother's day" she said. I told her to keep in touch and we exchanged cards. Today we are headed to church and will hopefully get to enjoy a little relaxation this afternoon - thanks for making dinner Colby! I have a lot of orders to get to clients and a lot of orders to upload. So hope you are doing well and I'll try to surface again sometime this week.

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