Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's Officially FALL!

Haeley let us know that Sunday, Sep 21st, was the first day of FALL! We went camping last night and then walked around the nearby lake. Things are definitely changing up there. And I absolutely love Autumn.

We had a breakthrough last night - both kiddos slept the entire night with no problems and they stayed completely inside their sleeping bags instead of rolling out and getting cold.

It did rain on us a little but we were mostly protected from leaks and we all stayed dry.

The kids had a great time watching the fire and sitting far enough away for ME to feel comfortable about it. We roasted marshmallows and ate tinfoil dinners.

Although I am a bit exhausted because the rain kept waking me up, I am grateful for the peace I felt up there. I feel happier inside and more relaxed.

And I am so grateful for the chance to give my children these kinds of experiences. They love it and we love it. Haeley is a girly girl but she loves camping and I am very grateful for that.

And our dear friends Greg and Erin went with us and they brought yummy hot chocolate mix to warm us up. They'd never seen the lake and there couldn't have been a better time for them to see it - well except that we didn't get to walk all the way around because of the lightning and rain! Regardless, it was a wonderful little overnight camping trip!


Lindee said...

Thanks for the tips on allergies Laura! I didn't have any benadryl before but now I'll be sure to keep some handy. I still can't figure out what she had a reaction to. I didn't give her any new food or meds. And I don't know what she was bitten by. I appreciate your experienced advice!

The Jones Family said...

I LOVE camping!! I can't wait to have an opportunity to take a family camp out. How fun...and the lake is indeed beautiful!