Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Haeley and I have been busy with projects for Fall. We made a large foam haunted house that was covered with Glitter - it is too cute. I'll post that later

Then we went to Michaels craft store. I bought wooden letters - the small one with the white background. The larger block looking letters are cardboard. I bought everything at Michael's, including the paper and spiders from K and Company. Drill holes in the cardboard ones so that you can loop them together with ribbon. Paint the edges of the letters with flat black paint. trace your letter onto the paper. Then I mod-podged the paper to the letters. I didn't put it on the front of the paper because this paper had glitter on it and I wasn't sure what would happen. Once dried I sanded the edges of the paper to get them just right and added black ink to the edges of the paper. On the small Boo I hot glued the ribbon between the pieces and put dots of hot glue to keep it from scratching the wall. On the large BOO I took a piece of wire and folded it in half and used it to pull the ribbon through. I tied the ribbon and then pushed the knot down inside the letter for a clean look. Last of all I added the spiders. It was a fun project.

Here is the project work space:

Today Tyler went to work for a couple of hours. We had corn on the cob for dinner along with baked potatoes and grilled pork chops. I grabbed the corn out of the garden and threw them on the grill. 10 minutes each side. We've tried this twice and boiled the corn once in between. The grilled version was so much more tender it was unbelievable. And it's probably better vitamin wise. Anyway, grill some corn and you'll see what I mean. After you are done grab the end with a pot holder and peel the husk back and then bend the end off and you are ready!


Marne said...

Oohh, I love it Laura! Great idea on the letters. They turned out super cute. I did letters for St. Patrick's Day, so I should do some for Halloween also. Way to plan ahead!

I agree with you 100%...grilled corn is the best!

Krysta said...

Your boo letters look so cute. I bet Haeley loved doing this too.

Your corn looks delicious and is making me really hungry!