Monday, August 04, 2008

Hk's Accomplishments

I have to record Hk's Accomplishments before I forget how great she did this summer. She's not been in a pool since she was 2 and I really wanted her to take swim lessons this summer. So I paid for 8 weeks (4 sets, 4 days each week) of swim lessons this summer. Even Cj and I got in the water together for the mom and tot class for 8 days - hence the kidney infection - I am just not ready for public places yet I guess. Anyway, she started out in level 2. Her teacher was really great at technique and she excelled. The next teacher I had to tell him to give her a chance and see what she can already do because he was treating her like the 3 year old class. Things got much better after that. Level 4 she had a female teacher and an all girl class. She moved to the deep end. She could now swim all the way across instead of just half way. She learned to breath on her side but still really struggled. For her las set, she had Michael again from her first class and again he was a pro at technique. This time Hk was the only girl in an all boy class, Level 5, and they were all at least 3 to 4 years older than her. And she kept up totally. We talked about turning like an airplane to breath instead of a teeter totter but still, she struggled with breathing on her side. It took me a while to breath on my side during the front crawl (freestyle stroke). Anyway, being the persistent little fish that she's become this summer, she did very well and on the last day, her last time across the pool, I watched her swim across and breath on her side perfectly. It literally took my breath away to watch her. I was amazed. In junior high I was on the swim and dive team (then I moved to a place that only had a pool in the summer months). Then I was a lifeguard for 7 years and swim instructor for 3, so this feat of hers was really amazing for me to watch. And then as we left, they gave us stickers for her Certificate and said that she passed Level 5 and 6. Good job Hk! Great work!


The Jones Family said...

Yeah Hk!! I know you must be SO proud!

Krysta said...

Way to go Haeley! I can't believe how good she did. Hopefully she's not too young to remember the feeling of working hard and achieving something. You are so good to teach her that.