Friday, July 11, 2008

garden info

I have to put on a warning (like the one you see on the side mirrors of your car) about my garden photos - those were taken with a wide angle lens. That means object may be much smaller than they appear. Love that wide angle, it's very cool, but it LIES!

Melynda - thanks for the info about your brother's curbing business! Do you think he'll want to drive all the way up here though? We'll call him... Oh and let him know I really like his website! perfect

Earwigs and corn - traps: tip a can a little on it's side and place a few tablespoons of vegetable oil inside with a bit of bacon grease to attract the earwigs. Or place folded newspaper in the garden and dump it out each morning into a bucket of soapy water to kill the earwigs - remove all mulch from the veggie garden as it will be a place for earwigs to rest during the day, making your garden very attractive to earwigs.

It may be necessary to presoak broccoli in salt water for about fifteen minutes to rid any bugs that may be hiding in its tightly packed flowerets. According to researchers at Cornell University, blanching broccoli in a microwave oven in preparation for freezing, (2 c. broccoli in 3 tbsp. water for 3 min. at 600-700 watts) nearly doubled the retention of Vitamin C. Frozen broccoli cooked in a microwave kept 90% of its Vitamin C compared to 56% for broccoli cooked in a pot of boiling water on top of a stove. For large infestations, permethrin may be used, a very effective chemical derived from a common garden flower - which even if you drank a gallon of that stuff you'd only get a tummy ache.


Marne said...

I tried the earwig trap last year...with the cans not the newspaper...and it didn't work all that well. Of course I had an investation in my garden, not just a small problem.

Anderson Family said...

I was a little shocked when I saw my name in your post. hahaha. I thought to my self.. yes?

I'll try and talk to him tomorrow.
I know he went up to Park City for a job that he did a bid on last year. I wouldnt think it would be anymore our of the way then you. :) My dad, Tyson and my mom all sometime help with the jobs. Depends on the size. You might just get to see the rest of my family. I have to laugh and think its all be cause of one airplane ride Mariska had.