Thursday, June 05, 2008

Swim Lessons

This is Haeley's first summer doing swim lessons. She has no fear of water and as long as she keeps paying attention to the teacher, has confidence in her teacher, and keeps practicing, things will go well for her with swimming. I took these yesterday morning. The teacher used the noodle behind her back to teach her to keep her tummy up and her legs straight at the same time. Today she was able to swim half the width of the pool and back on her tummy and her back unassisted. Her teacher swam right next to her. That was just kicking and not using her arms. I am sure it will take some time to get the timing right for arms and legs at the same time. Then there is that whole turn the head to breath thing. But I am so pleased with her progress in only 4 days. The teacher told me today to put her in the next level for the next set of lessons. I was glad because I wanted to get signed up in time. We still have 4 more for this set. The last 5 minutes of the lesson they tie the noodles around the kids and let them have free time. They get to kick and move all over the pool. The whole time we sit in the bleachers upstairs and Coleton eats his sandwich and watches his sister. He is surprisingly quiet the whole time.


The Jones Family said...

Oh she looks like she is having a blast! Josh takes swim lessons while Caleb's in school and loves it. I like the noodle idea. Josh wants to break free and swim on his own sooo bad. He doesn't know he can't really swim yet.

Krysta said...

Swim lessons are so fun! I love to see how much they learn. It's one of my favorite parts of the summer. I'm glad Coleton is so good for you. I remember when I took Kaylee and Jake to Mountain Crest one year and Drew wouldn't sit still for anything. I think he even fell once and got a huge bump on his head...surprise, surprise!!