Thursday, May 22, 2008

trapped in my office...

There is often fought a battle between doing things with my kids and doing things for my kids. Last week I went with Haeley's kindergarten class to the local pool to learn about water safety. I loaded CJ into the stroller and walked from the elementary school to the high school with her entire class. It really was fun and the kids were well behaved. No, they didn't get to go in, just a hand or a foot. One of the lifeguards demonstrated different strokes for them. The other talked about safety.

This week, it's been about doing things for the kids. I finally got iMovie to do what I needed to do to make a slideshow for the kindergarten graduation this week. I made the sleeves for the DVDs and the teacher brought over a 50 pack of DVDs - the slide show is only 250 mb but the 600 photos are what took up all the room. I also had to decide which photos not to include in the slideshow because at 3 seconds each it would have been about 30 minutes but I succeeded and got it down to 11 minutes! I have been burning DVDs all day. And guess what, the last one just finished. I did get some folders organized on my computer and I made a two-page LO spread for Haeley's birthday. Well, I better go cook dinner!

Crazy day!


Krysta said...

I feel like I struggle with that all the time too...being busy doing things with your kids and being busy doing things for your kids. I've been trapped in my office lately scrapbooking, for my kids and my husband (fathers day present) but they don't realize that and just think I'm wasting away in there. Soon enough they'll understand that even when I'm busy and not right next to them that I'm busy with them!

Unknown said...

Glad to have found your Blog. I love your photos. My children are grown, but oh I remember the days. We currently live at a country place in the south. Out here if you don't deal with it quickly, Mother nature will.
I grew up in Northern Utah. When I looked at the photos of your yard, I thought they reminded me of our old stomping grounds. Keep up the good work, it is wonderful.