Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday we drove down to see my niece baptized and confirmed. Her father, who is a member of the bishopric and a high priest, baptized her. In our church we wait until children are 8 (the age of accountability) to be baptized. It was a special experience. B is the oldest grandchild and so all of her cousins look up to her. I asked Haeley after how she felt and we talked about the good and peaceful feelings that were present at that time.

Then we drove up to meet my mom at Tepanyaki Grill - yum! - for dinner. She kept going on and on about what a special treat it was. The food there is delicious! And the kids were on their best behavior. Coleton even tried chopsticks. He wasn't really thrilled when they lit the whole grill on fire - but it was quick and he survived! He kept an eye out for our chef the rest of the evening. After we went over to my mom's house and she gave me 4 tomato plants and some seeds. We are getting excited to plant around June 1st.

We drove home but stopped to get shakes at a fast food drive up and guess who was in line in front of us - Grandpa and Grandma Vanderbeek. We'd gone separate ways at 5pm that day and about 60 miles south of where we were. Small world!

The kids went right to bed and slept in this morning until 8:30am! Yahoo! We got ready for church and at church they gave each of the mothers a special book (I haven't opened mine yet). I taught Relief Society today - lesson 9 in the manual - tough one! I got a lot of comments and I think the sisters taught themselves the lesson. I struggled in preparing for this one and worked on it for hours and hours but I just gave it to the Lord today and He really took care of the rest. Our neighbor, John, is in the ICU with kidney failure, so if you do not mind, please keep him and his family in your prayers for the next few days. He needs all the prayers he can get right now. He made it through the night and so we are very grateful for that!

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