Monday, April 14, 2008


Just posting something short. It's a busy week! My SIL had her baby blessed yesterday. Today my best friend from high school is visiting. Tonight we photograph a bride and groom at the temple - better light, less crowded, and more relaxing for them and that means they'll look better. Tomorrow we photograph their wedding and their reception. Possibly their luncheon. We'll see - that one would just be a favor to the caterer. HK goes back to school tomorrow. Wednesday we are celebrating her birthday at school. Dance class is back in session Wednesday. Haircuts, nails, album design, and then Haeley's birthday party on Saturday - only one person has rsvp'd. What is up with that!? I hear that people just don't do that anymore. Guess I shouldn't have put it on her invite. I just wanted to know how many thank you bags and movie treats to buy. Maybe I SHOULD do a cake instead of cupcakes. We'll see. Oh and my husband just emailed and said that the photo bags are here. I'll post photos later. Take care!


mandee said...

Sounds like a CRAZY week! I am excited to see the bags.

Krysta said...

Good luck with you busy week and happy birthday to Haley!

Marne said...

Nice bags! I have to say I love your photography. I saw a pic in this month's issue of CK (or was it last month) that you took of an engaged couple...I wish I could have had you take my engagement photos back in 1998 when I lived in Logan. They turned out awful, and my parents wasted $350. Oh well. It's done. If I ever visit Cache Valley again (which I would love to...I really miss it) I would love you to take some family portraits. Thanks for sharing all your talent!