Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday Nights are Family Night

Each Monday we spend the evening together as a family. The nice thing about Monday is that we typically don't have school activities, dance, etc that night. We have have a mini 5 minute lesson like water safety, crossing the street, etc. Then we have a spiritual lesson - last night it was on the Resurrection of the Savior. We used our pictures from the Gospel Art Picture Kit . We used the painting of Jesus on the cross, and then the resurrected Savior speaking to Mary at the garden tomb. Then we talked about what the egg stands for - new life - and then we dyed the eggs and put the shrink wraps on them. Coleton would just suddenly let go so we chased a few eggs across the counter tops but none were broken. It was fun and I think the kids are learning a few things and had fun in the process. Haeley asked me some questions about resurrection as we walked to grandma's house to bring her Coleton's birthday invitation. There is just something about a regularly held and structured family night with a lesson, and an activity or games, that really seems to be strengthening our family. And a strong and happy family is worth all of the effort.


The Jones Family said...

I love your great FHE idea. We may snag that one! :) Glad to see a picture of you...you're such a pretty girl...in every way. Love you.

Krysta said...

Looks like fun! We haven't done any Easter activities yet and I can't wait to do some...I got my camera! I went with the Nikon D40 and can't wait to start using it. I hate getting a new camera set up right. I need to play around with it still, and read the owners maunual. I think the flash is to high and I need to adjust the ISO,for starters. It will take time and patience, but I'm glad I got it!