Friday, March 14, 2008

Keep moving Forward

Keep moving forward - I was inspired not only by a recent disney pixar movie, but I was also inspired by a hand cart pioneer. He said when he felt he could no longer go on, he would look forward to see a pile of sand and say, I can go that far - then I can go no longer. He would make it to the pile of sand and then choose a juniper tree and focus on making it to that tree. He kept moving his feet forward and yet he felt as if he were some how carried to the next spot. During my 6 months of chemo and my 5 weeks of radiation, there were times when I felt as if I were carried through it. Like when Tyler suddenly had to have his appendix out and meals were brought and the kids were tended to. Sometimes I am sad because of the things I missed, like Coleton's first year of life, but I remember how much I have gained because I am still alive and how many years I still have with my children and husband, family and friends. During this time we also built a house - crazy, I know! We'd done a lot of research before hand, so Tyler knew what I liked and he and our contractor Zach built a beautiful home. I loved the quiet drive out to our building lot and then the time spent walking through the house and seeing it's progress. I am glad we kept moving forward with the house and I am glad that I kept moving forward with life. I truly enjoy my little spot of ground and my new quiet neighborhood. This year I am determined to get the sprinkler system in and the grass. I want to spend more time outside enjoy the quiet peaceful area we live in.

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Trevor and Amy said...

I would love to be your guest blogger! I will get you my information to you soon! Thanks! What a great idea! Your blog is so uplifting! Just like you, I am grateful for my trials after hearing about other patients trials! Thanks!